My Life in a Nutshell

I began telling stories as soon as I learned how to talk.  While I was growing up my parents told me the stories of Theseus, Beowulf, and Coyote making the world.  I spent my childhood creating my own elaborate series of myths.  In tenth grade I wrote my first novel, Chaos, which at the time I described as The Breakfast Club meets The Book of Revelations.

While attending Washington College I published several articles in the school’s paper The Collegian and short stories in its magazine The Medium.  During my senior year, my short play “The Date” won first place in Washington College’s Playwrights' Festival.  I also acted in nineteen dramatic productions and was a member of the club Writers’ Theater.  My devotion to this group went as far as my wearing a tutu before a packed house for my monologue “Ballet Fight Club.”

After graduation I was hired to teach English at Fort Meade High School in Maryland.  While I spent my days risking life and limb reading Shakespeare to fourteen year olds, I spent my nights taking refuge in a fantasy novel I had begun writing that would eventually become Wilderness. 

In 2006 I began earning my master’s degree in film and electronic media at American University and graduated in 2009.  During this time I directed five short films.*

I love world mythology, comic strips from the 1980’s and cooking what people have called the world’s best chimichangas.  

*My short film, Figment Newton, can be watched here.

Other random facts you should know

  • I have visited seventeen countries including Mexico, Chile, the Czech Republic, Ireland and Greece.
  • I studied at Harvard University during the summer of 2004.
  • I attempt to read 50 books a year.
  • I love long distance running and hiking.
  • I have worked on a number of film sets including Night at the Museum 2: Battle for the Smithsonian, Body of Lies and National Treasure 2: The Book of Secrets.  I was also assistant to the director of the independent film Apology.