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Mini-Tale: Alternate Ending

 Usual rules.  I gave myself the prompt (in bold) and wrote for five straight minutes.  This is what I got.

Alright, this one is kind of silly even by my standards but I think you'll all enjoy it. 



After his brain surgery, Roger had a strange, new ability.


Nobody noticed it at first, it was the kind of thing he didn't want to share with anyone. In fact, he usually only used it when he was watching movies by himself. One Christmas Eve, though, he was over at his girlfriend's house when she made him sit down and watch Titanic.


Come on,” Mary said squeezing his arm. “I haven't seen it since high school and you're always making me watch those silly science-fiction movies.”


Roger sighed and sat back, resigned that there was nothing he could do about the situation.


Three hours later Mr. DiCapprio and Ms. Winslet were freezing to death in the icy Atlantic water when Mary sobbed, “Oh it's just so horrible! They were in love and....and I just wish they could have had a happier ending.”


Roger looked from her to the TV and shrugged, “Okay.” He pointed at the screen. There was a flash of white light. Mary jumped and was stammering, “What just happened?” when a flying Delorean soared in over the Titanic's debris. One of the doors popped open and Christopher Loyd stuck his head out shouting, “Jack! Rose! I need to take you two to 1955. You have to stop your kids from making a terrible mistake!” He pulled them up into the hovering time machine which then zoomed off into the future leaving behind a pair of flaming tire tracks that streaked across the sky.


“What just happened?” Mary shouted. “Did you just see that?”


“That was me.” Roger shrugged and blew on his fingers. “I figured it was a better ending.”

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Oh yeah, I would have seen the movie if it had had this ending!

March 19, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterKaren

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