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Mini-Tale: Sisters

 Usual rules.  I gave myself the prompt (in red) and wrote for five straight minutes.  This is what I got.

“Sorry, I'm late for the wedding. You wouldn't believe why.” I told my mom while changing into my maide of honor dress.


“Well you'd better have a good excuse,” My mom said zipping me up. “The ceremony starts in five minutes and your sister is furious.”


I smoothed out the dress. “Yeah, I'm sure she's mad, but I just couldn't leave out the finishing touches.”


“The finishing touches?” Mom asked checking herself in the mirror.


From behind the table I pulled out an enormous pink poster board . You could barely tell the color because almost every inch was covered in photographs of us growing up together. There were pictures of us playing in the pool when we were little, others of us camping out in the living room. The centerpiece was a photograph of us with our prom dates. At the very top written in silver glitter were the words, “SISTERS FOREVER!”


“Oh Stephanie!” Mom gasped. “I had no idea!”


“I also found this while I was rooting through the basement.” I pulled a tiny ragged teddy bear out of my purse.


“It's ralphie bear!” Mom cried. “Oh! I thought he was lost! Your sister used to carry him around everywhere!” She looked up with tears in her eyes. “You're going to have to show these to her at the reception.”


“Oh, I can't wait that long!” I smiled. “I'm going to show these to her in the ceremony.”


Mom's smile dropped. “Sweetie, I don't think there will be time....”


“No, they'll be time,” I grinned. “I'll bring them out while she's walking down the aisle. Then I'll douse them with gasoline and set them on fire. That's what the little bitch gets for stealing my high school boyfriend.”


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