Mini-Tale: The Mysterious Bathroom

The rules are simple.  I took the prompt (in bold) and wrote for 5 straight minutes making this very weird mini-tale



Everything was as I remebered it, yet entirely different.


I stepped into my room from the bathroom with just a towel around my waste. My room was exactly the way I had left it just a few minutes earlier but now it was full of people. My mom and little sister, Daisy, sat on my bed talking to a pair of police officers.


“MOM!” I shouted pulling the towel tighter. “What's going on?”


“I might ask you the same thing!” My mom croaked, “You went upstairs to take a shower yesterday and disappeared.”


“What are you talking about?” I turned and pointed at the wet tub. “I just got out of the shower.”


When I turned back again. The room was filled with even more people. A man in a lab coat with thick glasses was scanning the doorway with something that looked like a geiger counter. “You're saying he disappeared right he....ahhh!” He saw me and screamed so loudly I slipped on the wet tiles and hit the bathroom floor.


I looked up again and the scientist had turned into a priest. “Mark Daniels! Step away from the light!” He looked down and saw me lying naked on the floor. He glanced at my mom and police officers. “I think it worked.”


“What worked?” I pulled myself up and when I looked through the doorway found myself staring at a camera crew. A large man was talking into the camera. “Today on Specter Hour, Mark Daniels disappeard three days ago but appears as a ghostly apparition every day at exactly....” He turned, saw me and looked back at Mom. “Hey! I thought this was a hoax!”


Mini-Tale: 10 Year Reunion

The rules are simple.  I took the prompt (in bold) and wrote for 5 straight minutes making this very weird mini-tale



In high school she was voted most likely to succeed.


Of course it was all just a joke. No one ever expected Debra Kane to amount to anything.


Ten years later, the class of '00 gathered together in Roland Elementary's gym for the first time since graduation. They rediscovered their usual groups, sticking together and bragging about their lives.


When Debra Kane walked in everyone recognized her. She was wearing a stained white T-shirt under a leather jacket. Her hair was a mess and she was clearly out of breath from running up the stairs.


Rosie Manson, class president, walked toward her while whispering to her clique, “I bet she had to scrape by just to look that nice.” When Debra turned toward her, Rosie threw on an enormous smile, “Debbie! It's so nice to see you! I just got married to a doctor and we're pregnant with twins. What are you doing with yourself these days?”


Debra sipped her drink. “Well, I just successfully robbed fourteen banks in a row.”


Uh...Excuse me?”


Debra pulled an Uzi out from under her jacket. “I just spent all afternoon driving across the state holding up banks. I had about half the cops in the county after me, but I think I lost them. Ohhh, Nacho Dip!” She dunked a chip in the salsa and shoved it in her mouth. “I've got a couple minutes until the jet I rented will be ready for take off so I just thought I'd stop by. Where are you living now?”


Rosy just mumbled something and began to back away.


Well, I guess I'll see you next reunion!” Debra smiled and shoved more nachos into her mouth.


At that point they could hear sirens in the distance. “Gotta go!” She grinned and ran out the emergency exit into the night.


Mini-Tale: Domestic Disputes of the gods

My prompt was a photograph of people eating at a table in the ocean (I was not able to find it on the internet).

"Please pass the seaweed," said Rick, god of the ocean.

"Get your own damn seaweed," mumbled Becky goddess of forgiveness.

"Look Becky," Rick mumbled, sipping his Budweiser, "I know you're think you're the hottest deity in the universe but maybe you can stop being such a bitch all the time."

"Shut up Dad!"  Shouted Sally, goddess of volcanoes, at the other end of the table.  "At least she lets people forgive each other, you just drown them!"

"Oh!" Rick exclaimed.  "You think she's the better god do you?"

"She's a hell of a lot better than you are!"

While the father and daughter bickered and the mother goaded them on, RJ, the youngest child, and god of music, turned up his I-Pod and glared at his food.

Finally, Sally leapt up fromt the table and bellowed.  "I hate you guys!  You can all die for all I care!"  She stormed off to her bedroom slamming her door so hard it woke up Chester, the hound of plagues.

"See what you did!"  Rick spat at Becky.

"Shut up Rick!"  Becky threw her plates on the ground and stamped away.  "I want a divorce!"

Rick sat at the table silently eating the rest of his cold dinner.  He didn't even notice RJ standing up and leaving to meet with his friends at Burger King.  All four gods were so upset no one remembered to feed Chester.

Across the globe the oceans clashed sinking doezens of ships, friends and family refused to forgive each other for slight offenses, volanoes errupted burying cities in ash and lava, plaques spread across continents, and the music industry collapsed.   


Mini-Tale: The World's Deadliest Assassin

My Prompt was the picture below:



“My name is Pierre,” the cat purred, “And I am the world's greatest assassin. Do I use the gun? No. Do I use explosives? No.  I kill intimately, with my own teeth.  But that is not all. You want someone killed fast? Call someone else.  You want someone killed right? Call Pierre.  I am no stranger to my victims. I meet them.  I charm them. I become their family.


"Take my last job. There was a powerful Mouse Lord in Brooklyn.  He controlled all chedder distribution in the city. Some competetors wanted him out so they called Pierre. I showed up at his hole and said, 'Look at me! I am Pierre, you're estranged son!'  The Mouse lord said, 'Aren't you a little feline to be my son?'  I said, 'Yes I am feline but still family.'  He let me in hole. That's how good Pierre is!


"And so I lived with the Mouse Lord's family, biding my time waiting for the right moment to come. His family loved me, took me in as their own. He even let his children play on his face! Finally I realized I loved the mouse lord!  I am a cat assassin with a mouse for a father figure!  Now Pierre cannot get work.  He is the laughing stock of the whole city.  That is why Pierre has come into counseling.  Please, make Pierre a natural cat again." 


Check Dangerous Dan's Blog

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Definitely check it out.