Lee’s Mother:  An honor student turned single mom.  Lee’s mother was on the path to becoming high school valedictorian, but during her senior year discovered that she was pregnant.  What began as a semester off led to her dropping out of school.  For years she lived with Lee’s father and he supported them.   However, when her son was nine, Lee's mother discovered that the man she was living with was leading a double life.  He responded to this by abandoning the family.  Now, Lee’s mother is forced to work two jobs just to afford groceries.   

Lee’s mother occasionally overhears her son talking when no one else is around.  As years pass, there are several instances when he disappears and she catches him sneaking out of the woods behind their house.  Every once in a while she notices mysterious bruises or cuts on his body.  Lee’s mother is convinced that there is something going on in her son’s life that she knows nothing about.